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Old Year’s Resolutions

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In the grand tradition of previous years, behold my list of retroactive resolutions for 2009!

Refrain from triggering apocalypse.
Spend more time involved in activism of various flavours.
Find and buy myself a house.
Consume less, recycle, gift away and reuse more.
Watch far, far less television.
Help a dear friend give birth.
Learn even more about being self-sufficient on a bicycle.
Become fitter – run, bicycle, roller skate, box, walk and lift free weights.
Plant a vegetable garden.
Begin to learn to ask for help.
Make a large number of new (and lovely) friends.
Read about non-violent and more effective communication.
Retain a job throughout the GFC.
Draw more, and for more collaborative projects.
Improve my ability to set boundaries and ask for space.
Learn about the care and keeping of rabbits.
Work on and further improve my photography skills.
Attend Quaker Meeting with interest and open-mindedness.
Sit on and actively participate in a committee for Perth’s future development.
Be honest and forthright regarding my philosophy and thoughts on life, the universe and everything, and learn to be more open when talking about these things with others.
Learn to joyfully be in love without expectation, possibility or reciprocation.
Learn to wait patiently, when being impatient will not help.
Learn to love and accept my analytical and rational leanings (they that have me saying things that often attract a ‘wow, that’s cold‘ response) as fundamental and functional parts of my character, not as defects.
Do many, many things that terrify me.

Spread more love, more of the time.

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