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Fröhliche Weihnachten

Dearest friends, family, nefarious internet buddies and so forth,
This year, as last year, I wanted to give a gift to the the collective you – the multitude of great people in my life who inspire, inform, support, love and entertain me.

Christmas Lights 2010
And so, as last year, I’ve given a little money to a number of the causes you’ve been most passionate and vocal about throughout the year.  (This year, you’ve been so passionate and vocal about so many things that it was more difficult than ever to come up with a shortlist.)  In no particular order:
The Refugee Council of Australia (refugee advocacy), Bibbulmun Track Foundation (maintaining the walking trail from Perth to Albany), Equal Love (marriage rights), Birds Australia (conservation & education), BeyondBlue (mental health), UNIFEM (violence against women), 350.org (climate change).
Thank you for everything you’ve done this year to make our planet a little healthier, happier, fairer or featherier.

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  1. Robin Darroch says:

    Thank you – that is a lovely gift indeed!

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